I’ve been M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks, I know…

But, fear not my friends, I have acceptable reasons for it.

First, I focused on my studies, since it has been my finals week;

second, I have been thinking deeply about life and whatnots;

third, I celebrated my birthday, so hello NINETEEN!;

fourth, I’m thinking if I should still continue this blog of mine since I’m having a writer’s block and I kind of (?) have an I’m-not-good-enough moments.

lastly, I’m planning to go on a hiatus first and buy a camera for better photos here on my blog. I’m deciding which one to buy between Fujifilm x-a2 and Sony a5100. Both are just so cute and handy.


The Fujifilm x-a2. The pink one, because, duh?! It’s cute!

And this is the Sony a5100

So, which of these do you think is better?

Disclaimer:By the way, I’m no good in handling cameras, I don’t know how to use it actually. But, learning it can’t be that hard, right? So, that’s just what I’m gonna be doing if ever.


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