This Storm

Have you ever felt that feeling of all-I-can-do-is-let-go?

Odd feeling, I know. I myself have experienced it, I have come to a point wherein I felt that every little thing and everyone have given up on me. Every negative emotion overpowered the hope or what was left of it in me. Where I felt that I have plateaued, and not knowing where and when to start back up again. It’s that itchiness to desperately call for help but knowing that no one could ever understand what and how I felt, because I myself did not know how to explain it.

But, you may wonder how I overcame it? Actually, one can ever totally overcome the negativity that eats one’s brain; all you need is some outlet. Something that constantly reminds you that it’s okay to feel hopeless and hapless, because that’s life; it gives you bumps and all but those things won’t last forever.

Which leads to this thing that I had last summer, a tattoo. Yep. A freaking tattoo. It has been a goal of mine to get at least one of it during this lifetime. I’ve actually stumbled upon on the design that I got two or three years back, it’s Arabic which translates to, “this storm shall pass”, hence the title of this blogpost! I had it on my rib part, for the reason that I did not wanna tell my mom, because she would kill me (but, I just told her eventually).


So, yup. For those of you who is on the brink of hopelessness, think of something to have with you all the time that would constantly remind you to try one more time for the sake of “tomorrow”.


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